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The movie that's: Intense, Riveting, Compulsive, Irritating, & Downright Stupid!

"A hit and run becomes a homicide in the city of Alm Prings...But it's not human!"


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The Making of CSI Alm Prings




A film by Brad and Connie Mercer - Comedy spoof on "CSI: Miami" starring: Brad Mercer, Sylvia Corralez, Mark Guerrero, Tim High, David Ross, and Stan Foreman. With special guest stars Terry Reid and Mickey Thomas. Brad Mercer captures the essence and finesse of David Caruso as Hershey Caine. This film was shot entirely on Flip HD cameras in Palm Springs, CA. Written and created by Brad Mercer. Music by Christopher Rude and Randy Rico. Directed by Brad and Connie Mercer.


Here's how it all began...


I was driving home after being fired from a long run at the radio station I was employed at in Palm Springs, California when I noticed the "Palm Springs" sign at the corner of Gene Autry Trail and Vista Chino didn't look right.  Seems that the "P" from the word "Palm" and the "S" from "Springs" was missing.  This completely took me by surprise and hit me funny.  I couldn't stop laughing.  It struck me so funny that I had to turn around, park on the side of the road and take some video of it with my Flip HD camera that I just bought. 


That night I caught an episode of "CSI: Miami" and was entertained by David Caruso's portrayal of "Horatio Caine".  I then sat down at my computer and started writing a story about a hit and run that took place in the city of "Alm Prings".  It started turning into a ridiculous story about a dirty cop paying off one of his scum bag informants to kill a guy who was snooping around his bosses office.  Then it hit me!  Instead of a human getting whacked, why not a talking skunk? 


From that point on it got totally out of control!  I took the "CSI: Miami" characters and spoofed the series.  In two days I completed a full hour episode screenplay.  The next step was to recruit family and friends to play the parts which included rock and roll legend Terry Reid and rock icon Mickey Thomas.  The rest is history!


My wife, Connie and I took it upon ourselves to cast, direct, produce, shoot, edit and create most of the music.  We shot the entire film on Flip HD cameras.  Special scoring of the film was provided by Christopher Rude and Randy Rico.  I asked the bands Helicopter and Batlord to provide tracks as well.


What made this ridiculous film work was the serious acting versus the stupid script.  It took a whole year to complete and we are now approaching 10,000 views on YouTube.  I hope it brings some smiles and laughter to everyone who watches it.  Be sure to watch it through the credits as we added testimonials, gag reel and out takes at the end.


My next film is in production now, called "Sushi Anyone?"  A dark comedy/horror film.  Have fun and thanks for watching.  Feel free to comment good or bad.



"This is very funny and creative" - Weekly Forum



"Couldn't stop laughing" - CV Weekly



"Down right stupid!...But I loved it!" - Centurion



"Mickey Thomas must have loved doing this!" - Layton News



"Brad Mercer did a great David Caruso impression" - THE News Buzz



"A must see spoof on CSI: Miami!" - Mitchell Entertainment News


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